Clean energy imports from Morocco

Article posted

13th May 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

There are energy plans going ahead in Morocco that are predicted to generate 10.5GW of electricity from solar power and wind power. The energy generated would be enough to provide clean power to more than seven million British homes by 2030.

A UK company has planned to develop the longest subsea cable in the world. They are now in the process of looking for investors for the £16 Billion project. When this cable is built it will connect the UK to North Africa where we could have up to a tenth of our energy supplied to us.

The company XLinks that has developed this idea has said they want to keep this project consistent with UK net-zero commitments and with minimal risk.

If this project was developed it could massively improve the UK energy mix towards more clean energy rather than importing so much oil and gas. Although this innovation may take some time to implement it could be beneficial to the overall energy market in the long run.