Net Zero

Take the lead in the race to Net Zero.

Take the lead in the race to Net Zero

After assisting our clients over the years with supplying green tariffs, energy efficiency and installing EV chargers, Resolve Energy has now developed a complete net zero service ready for your organisation to use.

Let us work with you to develop your carbon management pathway, manage and reduce emissions, improve your bottom line and gain a competitive market advantage by becoming a sustainable, net zero business.

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Resolve Net Zero service

Our Net Zero service will help your business to:

Calculate and benchmark carbon emissions

Develop a Net Zero pathway with targeted solutions

Implement and install the solutions

Monitor results, receive accreditation for your progress and support with further savings

Net Zero solutions

Why become Net Zero?

By 2050 the UK Government has pledged that the country’s carbon emissions will be ‘net zero’ and has also encouraged small businesses to reduce their emissions in half by 2030.

As well as being influenced from stakeholder and consumer pressure, companies already committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030 are encouraging other businesses to do so as part of their supply chain policy and Carbon Reduction Plan. These companies understand that it:

  • Tackles climate change – people now want to understand their impact and reduce their carbon footprint
  • Makes smart business sense – achieves financial stability, improves resource efficiency and mitigate future risks
  • Meets client requirements – increasing supply chain pressures as customers are require improved carbon reductions
  • Meets legislative compliance – achieves carbon reductions through a Net Zero Carbon Reduction Plan
  • Attracts and retains top talent – people want to work for a company that is seen as making a difference and being responsible
  • Ultimately makes them a market leader – gives themselves a competitive market advantage
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The UK Government is encouraging small businesses to reduce their emissions in half by 2030.”

- Lord Agnew, Cabinet Office

Our Net Zero service

By using our Net Zero service, we will:

  • Put your business onto a carbon management pathway, providing you with the tools to measure and report your emissions and target your savings
  • Supply green energy tariffs
  • Fit and supply EV chargers and electric vehicles to reduce business emissions
  • Identify and implement energy efficiency measures
  • Identify and install renewable energy generation and power storage
  • Manage waste streams and water use for maximum efficiencies
  • Support with applying for funding and fully financed schemes to achieve full savings potential
  • Offset carbon emissions or trade carbon credits through verified schemes
  • Provide employee education and engagement to support strategy buy-in
  • Ensure your organisation adheres to the latest environmental legislation and develop your ESG policy
  • Support verification of your company in achieving international and environmental standards, and ultimately
  • Lead you in becoming Net Zero.
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